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Mibox customer service and locations

Formeuse Barquetteuse caisse carton MIBOX
klantenservice Mibox

Mibox customer service

Only the service you need

MIBOX is happy to assist you with attentive and available customer service.
Do you need a quick intervention or spare parts?

Use the contact form   or call

+31 (0)342 -722 900

Our technicians install the new box forming machines, tray forming machines and stackers. They train operators, advise on equipment maintenance, guide or set up a new box format on your existing machine.

Click on the “contact us” button. We will then contact you to provide the service you need.

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MIBOX box erectors, tray erectors and stackers are designed and produced in France. There is a full-fledged branch in the Netherlands to also offer you the service and warranty that you now need.

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Every day, the MIBOX machines fold and produce countless trays tirelessly, on time and with precision.

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The MIBOX packaging machines, with their quick and easy settings and maintenance, form countless trays every day, to the full satisfaction of their users. The MIBOX box erectors, tray erectors and stackers are praised all over Europe.

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Do you need a Mibox technician? Perhaps insufficient Mibox parts in stock? Is an adjustment needed? MIBOX offers a “tailor-made” service.

MIBOX is present throughout Europe!

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SMALL COMPANIES, SMES AND MULTINATIONALS, more than 200 production companies in Europe, equipped with the latest machines from the MIBOX series, with the most machines in the food processing industry, but also in logistics and manufacturing. Your colleague, your colleague and many other professionals preceded you. You want to know why? Let’s visit them together and ask them!

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