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Tray forming machines

Formeuse Barquetteuse caisse carton MIBOX
Trayopzetmachines MIBOX

Tray forming machines from MIBOX

MIBOX is represented in most European countries and is a French company with its production facility and headquarters in Brittany. Our activity: design and manufacture of machines that form cartons. The MIBOX automatic tray forming machine is located at the end of the production line.

Our range of carton erectors is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the specialty machinery business, and more specifically carton erector and tray erectors.

The MIBOX tray erector provides the technical solutions for forming the cardboard boxes or the cardboard trays that the industry expects in terms of reliability and productivity and efficiency for the packaging / packaging line, see the range of MIBOX machines.

Setting up boxes is an important step in industrial packaging. The MIBOX automatic tray erector is very versatile, it easily adapts to changes in production; it is particularly well adapted to work at high speed. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project with us.

Tray forming machines 1

Advantages of tray forming machines from MIBOX: very economical operating costs, flexibility, reliability and high productivity.

MIBOX carton erectors are the most reliable carton forming machines on the market! We have designed our machines to be durable and productive, which has resulted in machines that have little to no downtime and very low operating costs. The MIBOX S30 stacker can be combined with one of the MIBOX carton erectors to complete your off-line carton erector line.

The MIBOX S30 stacker is used to stack the cardboard boxes and cardboard trays just set up in our erector machine.

A MIBOX machine folds and glues flat cardboard blanks into mounted trays, for which they form corners of the boxes, edges, rolled-in corners, but also conical trays, boxes ready for sale (KVV) trays or displays (POS). Click on the images below to discover some examples of cardboard box shaping options.

MIBOX tray erection machines

Tray erectors B30B30H

Tray erectors T30T30H

Tray erectors D20D20H

Examples of cardboard boxes set up with a MIBOX tray erector

Click on a cardboard box to display the gallery in lightBox mode. ▼

Caisse carton avec poutres dièdres Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX D20
Caisse trottoir carton réaisée avec Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
Caisse carton sur mesure avec Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
Caisse carton fermée, obtenue avec Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
Caisse prêt à vendre en carton assemblée avec Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
caisse dièdre carton prêt à vendre Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
Caisse coins collés caisse carton assemblée avec Formeuse Barquetteuse MIBOX
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