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The Mibox Stacker

Les empileurs de cartons MIBOX
De Mibox Stapelaar / Stacker

Mibox automatic stacker

Mibox automatic stacker

The MIBOX stacker completes the range of MIBOX machines. Combined with the box erector, it can stack the set up boxes directly on top of each other.

The MIBOX stacker, also known as a box stacker, is designed to be used in addition to all models in our range of machines.

The MIBOX S30 is designed to form a production unit consistent with the MIBOX machines:

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The MIBOX stacker is very versatile and easily adapts to changes in production; it is particularly suitable for working at high speed. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project: ► Contact us

For all MIBOX machines applies;
High speed, compact, reliable and high productivity. The MIBOX S30 stacker can be combined with one of the MIBOX packaging machines.

The MIBOX S30 stacker is used to store the cardboard boxes or cardboard trays at the exit of the stacker in the form of a stack where you can adjust the height of the stacks to choose the desired number of stacked boxes. After this, the stacks can easily be placed on a pallet manually.

The MIBOX stacking machine makes it possible to form all kinds of cardboard boxes or nestable trays into a stack.

Whether 4-point glued trays, trays with stacking edges, boxes with rolled-in corners, conical trays, ready-to-use boxes (KVV) or POS displays.

The Stacker 1

The MIBOX stacker: high speed, less bulk, reliability and high productivity.

The MIBOX S30 stacker can be combined with one of the MIBOX cartoning machines that you can find on the page “The machines” on our website.

The MIBOX stacker is very economical with operating costs (as it requires little maintenance), is flexible and reliable and delivers high productivity.

De Stacker: MIBOX quality

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