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About Mibox

Formeuse Barquetteuse caisse carton MIBOX
Klantenservice Mibox

MIBOX is the specialist in tray forming machines

MIBOX; more than 25 years of experience.

With more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines for gluing and erecting corrugated cardboard trays.
MIBOX builds a series of tray forming solutions for industrial packaging lines. MIBOX also offers a stacker for making stacks of folded and glued trays from our box erectors.

MIBOX has a complete range of multi-format tray folding solutions:
Cardboard folding and gluing machines – tray erectors for conic boxes – carton blanks erector machines – ledge folding machines – box erectors for forming trays with stacking edges and for boxes with reinforced corners … Discover the examples of cardboard boxes produced with a MIBOX trayforming machine.

MIBOX stands for robustness and reliability. We continuously invest in the further development of our high-quality machines that can set up large volumes and always fold and glue the trays perfectly with a very high production speed.

We also supply lidding machines and box closing machines.

MIBOX present in all of Europa

About us 1

SMALL COMPANIES, SMES AND MULTINATIONALS, more than 200 production companies in Europe, equipped with the latest machines from the MIBOX series, with the most machines in the food processing industry, but also in logistics and manufacturing. People from the same industry you are in, people with the same profession as you and many other professionals preceded you. You want to know why? Let’s visit them together and ask them!

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